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本網站每天經大數據分析後,挑選出當天最有機會勝出的足球比賽場次。(售價: 30 網站貨幣)This website will analyze football data every day, and selects the football match that has the most chance to win. (Price: 30 website currency)
若本網站預測比賽結果不中,將會退還購買該場比賽的網站貨幣。If the game result prediction is not successful, the website currency used to purchase the game will be refunded.
匯率 Exchange Rate:(人民幣 RMB 100 = 港幣 HKD 100)
(港幣 HKD$ 100 : 網站貨幣 Website Currency 100) ; (港幣 HKD$ 500 : 網站貨幣 Website Currency 600) ; (港幣 HKD$ 1,000 : 網站貨幣 Website Currency 1,500)
完成交易,請聯絡我們報數(Paypal 交易 ID,網站用戶名稱)。 E-Mail:
Complete the transaction, please contact us to report it (Paypal transaction ID, website user name). Email:
注意:網站貨幣在此网站内永遠有效使用,購買後不可退還。 Note: The website currency is always valid for use in this website, and it is not refundable after purchase.
Paypal港幣 HKD$ 100 (港幣 HKD$ 500 - 港幣 HKD$ 1,000)

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